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Gerber Financial Advisors

Where do you see your business going and, more importantly, how do you know when you've arrived?  Your goals are our goals and we use our expertise to help you get there, together.


Our holistic process is structured with a single goal in mind: Helping you grow the best business you can.

Our completely customized approach is designed to help you become a better leader in your business, lead a rich life with your family, and take time to experience the things that matter most to you. We first determine your ultimate goal for your business—whether you want to keep it as a lifestyle business, or you intend for it to be an exit business you’ll eventually sell. Then we work through a process of 100 focus areas to help you achieve that goal, from refining a business plan or constructing succession plan to building a strong leadership team or designing an employee retirement plan.

At this stage in your business, you don’t have to take on additional risk to accomplish your life goals. Part of our process is bringing clarity to where your business stacks up in meeting those goals. Here are just a few of the ways we can help:
  • Identify Methods to Improve Current Cash Flow
  • Driving Value in the Business 
  • Financial Modeling for Profitable Growth
  • Understanding the Relationship Between Personal Balance Sheet v. Business Balance Sheet
  • Improve Operating Systems
  • Build “Profitable Scale” Into Your Business, Aligned with the Entrepreneur’s Goals
  • Compensation Structure for Leadership Team
  • Team Development / Establish Leadership Team
  • Integrated Long-term Business & Personal Planning
  • Market & Acquisition Valuation
  • Defining Lifestyle Versus Exit Business
  • Tax Advantaged Benefits Package
  • Holistic Financial Planning


Gerber, LLC is a holistic wealth management firm founded by Randall Randy Gerber located at 121. E. Nationwide Blvd., Columbus, OH 43215.