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Gerber Financial Advisors

Jocelyn R. Sperko

Chief Operations Officer, Gerber LLC / BRANCH ASSOCIATE, RJFS

Every ship needs a good captain. For Gerber, Jocelyn is at the helm navigating with care and calculated intent.

Jocelyn successfully manages our operations because – like our entrepreneurial clients – she views the world through a different lens. Each day Jocelyn works to identify obstacles and generate solutions to ensure smooth sailing for our team. She continually works to improve the Gerber client experience by assuring what we do operationally will guarantee the best possible experience for our clients.

Jocelyn also acts as a sounding board to Gerber’s team members. As our cultural guru, she manages company policy development and employee communications and occasionally convinces us to set work aside and enjoy an afternoon of fun together.

While earning her bachelor’s degree in philosophy with a business minor from The Ohio State University, Jocelyn joined Gerber as an intern. Before she could walk across the stage to receive her diploma, we’d already called dibs on her—and, lucky for us, she’s been with Gerber ever since.

Jocelyn is serious about finding “me time” in every day, believing that if she talks the talk about balancing business and life, she should walk the walk too. So what does a busy bee like Jocelyn do to escape? She hops on a plane and hits the slopes, conjures up a new pie creation, powers through a TGM class or works on photo journals to document her travel adventures. She also enjoys long walks through the park with her rescue pup Teagan, who needs lots of exercise—and also enjoys a good snuggle session.

Jocelyn Sperko is a branch associate with Raymond James Financial Services.

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