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Gerber Financial Advisors

What keeps you focused? What's your passion? Seeing you as an individual first allows us to establish your specific goals and together help you meet them. 


Defining your exit/succession plan is only step one. Once your life and business goals have been established and aligned, we focus on creating a strategy that integrates all of your priorities - helping to transfer your family values on your next generation, identify your family mission statements, plan for the eventual transfer of your wealth and much, much more.
Our goal is to help you curate a smooth transition of the business however you see fit – to the next generation or other future owner. We embrace that the transition of your business out of your hands and to a future owner is more than retirement planning, which is why we take a deep dive into your goal setting as an entrepreneur, uncovering your long-term goals and curating a plan to help protect your assets in the same sweep.
We don’t have a defined agenda or a ready-made solution for your challenges. In fact, that’s the very value of what we do: we work with you to define what you want and need in your life, business and finances, and then we provide the tools and advice to help you make it happen.
What are you looking for in your transition?
  • Working in the business, remaining the head decision-maker.
  • Working exclusively on the business advisory board.
  • Completely hands off.
Gerber, LLC is a holistic wealth management firm founded by Randall Randy Gerber located at 121. E. Nationwide Blvd., Columbus, OH 43215.