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First-Generation Entrepreneurs

Experienced partners providing first-generation entrepreneurs with the clarity and guidance to integrate their life, business and financial goals.
What we do
We help you thrive in business and live a life that is exhilarating and rewarding while minimizing stress.

We understand first-generation entrepreneurs constantly face unusual and exciting challenges.

Are strapped for cash

Our team can help you mitigate those cash flow crunches during the growth phase of your business.

Are unsure of next steps

Your business is growing, often in confusing and conflicting ways. Gerber helps shed light on the path forward.

Don't yet know what questions to ask

We watch out for obstacles and opportunities you may not have seen yet. This allows us to provide advice from all angles.

Don't know how to monetize the business

First-generation entrepreneurs don’t always grasp the fine art of getting timing and process just right. We do and we can help.


We can help you solve problems you didn't know you had.

Gerber, LLC has been in business since 1991, and focused exclusively on first-generation entrepreneurs since 2005. Because we’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you, we know how to identify and navigate issues that haven’t happened yet. Rather than treating the symptoms, we identify and solve the root issue.

Our Process

We understand the entrepreneurial journey. The Gerber Gateway, our four-phase process, gives you the clarity needed to grow at every stage. We can help you become a better leader in your business, lead a richer life with your family, and take time for the things that matter most to you.

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Our Entrepreneurial Network

We have an extensive network of experts experienced in dealing with the unique challenges of the first-generation entrepreneur. Whether your need is business or personal, we will connect you with the right people.

Our Services

No matter where you are in the entrepreneurial journey, our services and advice are designed to help you grow the best business and live the life you want to live.
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