Our Process

The Gerber Gateway

Our four-phase process is not transactional. We are not a one and done, project-based firm. Our most successful clients are fully committed to our process and often develop deep, very long-term relationships with our team.

1. Introduction

Let's make sure we are great fits…for each other!

Our team asks questions to spark conversations around your wants, needs, concerns and hopes about your life, business and finances. Answers and reactions to these questions will help us paint a clear picture of all your connected goals, where you are in reaching them and most importantly, where you need to go.

2. Alignment

How can Gerber help you?

Whether you need to establish core principles in your business with our program, or focus on business and personal growth, we help you figure it out.  We want you to win and we make sure you are equipped with the tools, support and network to win!
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3. Transparency

Our team leaves no stone unturned.

We focus on goal setting, business strategy and financial goals. The Accelerator and Proven Path services offer different degrees of depth and comprehensiveness. While we know first-generation entrepreneurs regularly set goals, this goal setting session sets goals at a root, intimate level. You likely have never been through a goal setting experience quite like this one. There is full transparency between advisor and client via document sharing, asking a variety of questions that you may have never thought about, and ensuing in-depth conversations.

4. Commitment

Let’s make it official.

Go ahead, push the “I believe” button!  We’ll cross t’s and dot i’s during the final phase of the process. This isn’t the end of the road, in fact it is just the beginning! Gerber, LLC is now your dedicated partner for all twists and turns in the entrepreneurial journey. We’re here to provide real time feedback whenever you need us.
I Believe

Productivity starts with vulnerability

The Gerber Gateway is likely the most intense planning process you’ve ever gone through. And it starts with being vulnerable.
“Vulnerability is an essential part of our process. Vulnerability allows us to identify the root issues and problems our clients face and to craft the right solution at the right time.”
- Randy Gerber