Frequently Asked Questions

Most first-generation entrepreneurs founded their business and have grown it to a sustainable, growing business. Some first-generation entrepreneurs risked their own capital to buy an existing business and continue to grow the business “their way.”

You see the world through a totally unique lens. Where others see challenges, you see opportunities. Opportunities to grow your business, improve your life and change our world for good. We understand these challenges and love helping first-generation entrepreneurs reach their goals!

No. We are business advisors. There is an element of coaching in what we do, but our process is different. Our team of business advisors provides specific solutions to unique problems an entrepreneur encounters.

You do not have to invest money with our firm. We do have a minimum fee for personal and business planning services. Contact our team to discuss further.

1.) We know the sequencing of the entrepreneurial journey

2.) We strive to solve the issues you do and don’t see

3.) We have a dedicated process to help improve your cash flow and happiness

4.) We provide an entrepreneurial ecosystem

The process takes at least 90-120 days to complete. The variables are providing our team with all information in a timely manner, scheduling availability and responsiveness. Our team is dedicated to making the entire process as seamless as possible for the entrepreneur. We need full cooperation and transparency from the entrepreneur in order to make the process as efficient as possible.

We start by establishing your life, business and financial goals. Understanding your “why” is at the root of what we do.

From there our team meets with you and understands the full depth of your planning wants and needs via Fact Finder meeting. After all data is collected and analyzed, our team creates a custom Entrepreneurial Assessment™ that connects your goals from point A to point B, C, D and so on.

Improving cash flow, understanding profitability in your business, succession planning, capitalization, building a leadership team, compensation studies and so much more!

We work with entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. Our team discusses fit for our services in the beginning of the onboarding process. If there is a need for additional conversation about your industry, we are happy to discuss further.

We generally do not work with minority shareholders. We work with the majority owner and decision maker/visionary of a business. We do have experience working with minority shareholders who have a clear path to becoming majority owner of the business.

Gerber Accelerator group sessions are exclusively for the entrepreneur. The custom strategy meetings do include a partner/spouse.

Gerber Proven Path service is designed for participation from the entrepreneur and partner/spouse.

Gerber, LLC only works with one owner of a business unless both owners are spouses.

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As an extra vote of confidence and transparency, we’re including our complete filings as required by the agencies entrusted with overseeing investment advisors and our partners in finance.


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