Ask Gerber: Do I Need To Hire A CMO?


There’s a common misconception in the professional world that marketing is synonymous with “social media”. Though social media is a marketing tool, it is not the sole function of your marketing department! Marketing promotes your brand and generates business through creating and communicating brand value to your audiences.

What does this mean for you as a business owner?

Your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) serves as the creative and strategic mind behind your organization’s marketing, and as a result, business development efforts. As soon as these efforts outgrow the role of one single employee, it may be time to invest in a CMO to organize and structure the department’s efforts.

The CMO will oversee and unify all working parts of the marketing department and communicate with the sales team to help ensure numbers are on track and brand equity is in order. Marketing efforts can often times go unrecognized when they do not produce a crystal clear financial return, but your marketing efforts should be opening your sales funnel and getting your name out there, which has significant impact on the company’s reputation and paves the way to accomplish the main goals of the organization.

For example, identifying and aligning your brand with the right partnership opportunities (think sponsorships and charitable giving) likely isn’t in your forefront of your mind as the business owner on the average day. This is where marketing steps in. The strategic awareness efforts leave a lasting impression and speak volumes about your brand, if done correctly.

Ensuring the organization is on brand extends beyond your website or social media channels- it is everything from the way employees dress to the office décor. You are a living, breathing representation of your brand and it is reflected by everything you touch- including stationary, internal and external documents, and even amenities you’re offering office guests. Since you cannot be everywhere at all times, your CMO is there to help ensure branding never slips from their radar.

When looking for a CMO, look not only for creativity, but also for an innovative spirit. Your marketing team should be able to predict, pivot strategy when necessary, and understand cost per qualified lead. Your CMO must be able to embrace leadership as they are responsible for the overall success of the marketing and sales teams.

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