Achieve Your 2024 Goals: The Art of Nimble Goal Setting

By Randall Gerber

The beginning of a new year usually sparks fresh ambitions and renewed vigor for business goals. However, reflecting on my experience partnering with our clients this year, it's evident that the traditional goal setting playbook needs to be thrown out the window for 2024. 

While rigid, “stick to the plan” goal setting has worked for teams in the past, it’s not working anymore in such an increasingly changing world – now, teams need to be nimble. The pace of change since 2020 has been substantial, impacting not only industries but also the employee and customer landscapes. It’s become clear that in order to keep up and succeed, your team needs to be able to pivot swiftly without abandoning strategy. 

In our own experience and with clients, success is seen when teams are able to nimble and still remain anchored to their strategic goals. While it's crucial not to abandon strategy, it's equally vital to evaluate opportunities and remain flexible in response to any changes that may emerge. This applies not only to the employee and customer populations but also to the broader macroeconomic environment.

Integrating Nimbleness into EOS

What sets successful businesses apart is not just the goals they set but how they actively pursue and adapt to those goals. This is where the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) comes into play. EOS is more than a set of principles; it's a comprehensive approach to goal management. It provides a structured framework of simple concepts and practical tools.

At its core, EOS helps businesses identify their core values, develop effective leadership teams, and take a structured approach to goal management. To do this, the system introduces a communication rhythm and accountability chart that ensures everyone understands their roles, responsibilities, and can stay on track. With designated roles, clear accountability, and an Integrator to safeguard against unproductive tasks, EOS ensures that goals stay at the forefront of our efforts.

Operating in a 90 Day World

The key to success with EOS lies in its 90-day rhythm. Regular quarterly meetings, weekly business scorecard reviews, and quarterly goal assessments (known as "Rocks") ensure that goals are consistently prioritized. By following this system, keeping your goals front and center should become a natural part of your business routine.

This systematic approach to goal-setting and evaluation aligns seamlessly with the need for nimbleness. The quarterly rhythm allows for agile adjustments, ensuring that goals remain relevant in the face of evolving challenges and opportunities.

Flexibility in Communication and Strategy

To successfully make agile adjustments though, teams need to take a different approach to communication and strategy. Becoming a “nimble” team requires finding ways to adapt and make things work while staying true to strategic goals and missions. This demands attention to how you communicate with your team and a willingness to embrace inspiration from different sources.

Replace rigid hierarchies with open channels, use short huddles or virtual stand-up meetings to foster collaboration and quick information flow. Lean on communication tools like Slack, Teams, or Notion, to ensure information accessibility and expedite decision-making.

In terms of strategy, embrace an iterative approach. Break down larger goals into smaller tasks for quicker execution and ongoing refinement. Regularly revisit your strategy, aligning it with evolving business needs and the external landscape. Encourage a culture of experimentation within your team, celebrating new approaches and fostering an environment where adaptation is inherent.

A Call for Nimble Leadership and Getting Rid of Your Old Playbook

Nimbleness is not just a fleeting trend; it's a new reality that requires a different level of attention and inspiration from leadership teams. It's about navigating the challenges of today's world while maintaining a steadfast focus on long-term objectives.

As you prepare to set your business’s 2024 goals, remember that being nimble is not a compromise; it's an essential element of success. Throw out your old, rigid playbook and lean into being flexible. 

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